Get The Food Coaching That You Need

Vegan And Vegetarian Choices

If you are looking to transition from an animal-based daily food menu to plant-based eating, you can get help with food coaching from Julian Marlon Gibson Serrette at SuperFit® Gym.

Julian is a naturopath and natural health consultant who focuses on food coaching at SuperFit® Gym with a seven-part analysis. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Julian, please call him directly at 954-675-2524.

The Seven-Part Analysis Includes:

An evaluation of your current daily meal and snack choices and personalized recommendations with coaching on how to make food substitutes and count calories

1. Exercise prescription and tips for proficiency

2. Body weight, body composition, and/or anthropometric measurements (for tracking purposes)

3. A complete review and clean-out of unsavory food items in your pantry and refrigerator or wherever you store food (for at-home consultations only)

4. Guidelines on how to make healthy choices in your local food market and favorite restaurants (field trips are available)

5. Coaching on how to read food labels

6. Evaluation of current supplement program with recommendations based on your needs and budget

Fitness training since 1987, SuperFit® Gym is a locally-owned and operated business.

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