About SuperFit® Gym

At SuperFit® Gym of West Palm Beach, FL, our mission is to assist people in their pursuit of health and fitness through a combination of highly-effective workouts and a recommended plant-based daily menu. 

Our uniquely-designed programs are catered toward the individual's needs in a group environment which is not only affordable but sustainable. We understand the importance of value, thus we consistently and consciously work toward providing the most effective and efficient workouts.  

We are dedicated to providing our customers with current and pertinent information on personal fitness and healthy food choices. Call 954-258-6840 to learn more about our programs. We look forward to meeting you.
Foot Coaching

Offering You Fitness, Food Coaching, And Training

If you've been searching for a more intense, efficient, and proven routine, this is it! Increase your fitness and lose body fat with SuperFit®, where every component is designed to improve cardio stamina, strength, speed, agility, balance, and flexibility. 
  • SuperFit® classes
  • Total body workouts
  • SuperCircuits
  • 30-minute SuperSessions
  • Personal training
  • Active isolated stretching
  • Personalized plant-based food coaching and field trips 
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What SuperFit® Stands For:

Utilization of
Plant products
Environmentally friendly
Respectful of the
Freedom of "all" beings
Inclusive and 

Don't Just Be Fit, Be SuperFit®

SuperFit® Gym is a place where you get great workouts and help to support worthy causes!

We believe that everything is inter-connected and that when you consume a plant-based daily menu and plant-based products then not only do you benefit, but the animals and the planet benefit as well.

SuperFit® Gym is a proud supporter of the following organizations:
  • Beagle Freedom Project
  • Direct Action Everywhere-DXE
  • Farm Sanctuary
  • Humane League
  • Ironwood Pig Sanctuary
  • Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue
  • Sara Sanctuary
  • The Advocacy Vegan Society
  • ​Vegan Outreach
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