Train Your Way To Better Health

Improve Your Health With Physical Training

Choose a training package that's right for you at SuperFit® Gym of West Palm Beach, FL. Our small group and one-on-one training programs are available to all age groups.

Locally-owned and operated, SuperFit® Gym focuses on a personal approach with all of our training programs. Call 954-258-6840 for more information regarding our training packages.

Training Packages:

Small Group Training 
(Up to four persons):
Two people: $50.00 each
Three people: $45.00 each
Four people: $40.00 each

One-On-One Training
$70.00 per hour 
10 sessions for $650.00
20 sessions for $1200.00

$40.00 per ½ hour or 15 sessions for $525.00

All Classes: 
$20.00 per class 
10 classes for $150.00
15 classes for $180.00

(You must call to reserve your spot. 24-hour cancellation policy for all appointments and classes.)

Click here for descriptions to see which class is right for you. 


SuperFit® Gym works with all age groups, training all body types.

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