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When you come to SuperFit® Gym of West Palm Beach, FL, you get to choose which class schedule is right for you.

Below you'll find a list of class descriptions. Choose which class is right for you. If you're unsure, please call us at 954-258-6840.

Choose Which Class You Feel Comfortable With

  • SuperFit® classes
  • Total body workouts
  • SuperCircuits
  • 30-minute SuperSessions
  • Personal training
  • Active isolated stretching

SuperFit® Gym Class Descriptions

These are 45 to 60-minute classes, which focus on strengthening the core muscles (hips, lower back, and abdominal) with a variety of movements along with cardio-vascular, endurance, and stamina exercises. 

We incorporate tools like kettle bells, jump ropes, stationary bikes, rowers, and full body movements to challenge and build your cardio-vascular fitness and burn body fat.

These are 45 to 60-minute circuit weight training classes, which are more strength-based. Workouts consist of compound and isolation exercises to strengthen, tone, and develop all muscle groups.

These are 45 to 60-minute classes, which are all about functional exercises. It is designed to improve all modalities of fitness.

These are 45 to 60-minute classes, which are divided into 20 to 30 minutes of functional exercises followed by 20 to 30 minutes of all terrain indoor cycling.

Lower-Body Blast:
These are 45 to 60-minute classes focused on strengthening and toning the thighs, gluteus, hamstrings, and calves.

Unless noted otherwise, all classes are a limit of 16 people. Please see the class schedules page for more information on class limits


The team at SuperFit® Gym works with people that have injuries and limitations. 

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