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Limited Class Sizes

From SuperFit® classes to total body workouts, SuperFit® Gym has a program for anyone. Let our team help you with personal training, 30-minute super sessions, and more. Smaller class sizes means focused attention to your needs. Call 954-258-6840 to reserve your spot in class today.

Working With All Age Groups

SuperFit® Gym offers complete food and fitness analysis with help from Julian Marlon Gibson Serrette, a naturopath and natural health consultant. No matter your fitness level, we can help you reach your goals. Call him directly at 954-675-2524.
Food Coaching

A Personal Approach To Training

Whether you want one-on-one training or you feel more comfortable with group training, we've got the package that's right for you. We also offer Plant-Based Food Coaching for those who are looking for help in transitioning to a Plant-Based only daily menu. Call 954-258-6840 today.
Training Packages

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